Venezuelan Baseball in the 1950s & 1960s


Pablo Morales and Oscar Prieto Ortiz acquired the Cervecería Caracas team from Martín Tovar Lange on August 8, 1952. The Cervecería Caracas had the highest payroll of any team in the league. Due to the expenses, the Caracas Brewery Co. was no longer being to sponsor the team.

The new proprietors wanted the team to fully represent their city, Santiago de Leon de Caracas, therefore renaming them the Caracas Lions (Leones del Caracas). On October 17, 1952, the Caracas Lions faced the Venezuela BBC on their opening day and the Lions walked away victorious.

1952-1953 would be the last tournament season for the Sabios de Vargas and Venezuela BBC due to economic problems. The teams were replaced by the Gavilanes and the Pastora, two teams from the Zulia State in western Venezuela.

That season would not be the last that teams would leave the league and be replaced. Below you will find a timeline detailing the rest of the 1950-1960’s seasons.

  • 1954: Sabios de Vargas changed their name to Santa Marta and along with the Patriotas de Venezuela returned to the league but only for one season.
  • 1955: A new team, Pampero was added to the league’s roster and the Santa Marta BBC was renamed to Industriales de Valencia (Valencia Industry Men).
  • 1956-1957: Advertisers, Joe Navas and Joe Cruz, purchased the Navegantes del Magallanes renamed the team the Oriente.
  • 1965: The league added to more teams to the roster, the Lara Cardinals (Cardenales de Lara) and the Aragua Tigers (Tigres de Aragua), increasing the number of teams from 4 to 6.
  • 1968-1969:  The Industry men departed from Valencia, moved to Acarigua and were renamed the Los Llaneros. Left without a team in Valencia the Navegantes del Magallanes moved from Caracas to Valencia and went back to using their original name the following season.
  • 1969: The Zulia Eagles (Las Águilas del Zulia) were added to the team roster to into the replace the  Valencia Industry Men.