The History of Venezuelan Baseball


After the World Championship in 1941, baseball became a big time sport in Venezuela. The mere presence of expert baseball pulled in numerous competitors from the Caribbean and the United States. The procuring of exceptional players such as Bertrum Hunter, Roy Campanella, Ramon Bragana, Oscar Estrada, and many more demonstrated a coordinated game similar to baseball in the United States.

In 1945, the proprietors of four teams, the Cervecería Caracas, Sabios de Vargas, Navegantes del Magallanes, and Patriots de Venezuela organized the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League. Although the league was created in 1954 it was not officially enrolled as an organization until January of 1946. Days after the first tournament began on January 3, 1946.

With a record of o18 wins and 12 losses, the first team to win the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League Championship was the Sabios de Vargas, led by Daniel ‘Chino’ Canónico.

Amid the first years, games were played in the afternoons on Thursdays and Saturdays and on Sunday mornings. That scheduled continued until Cervecería Caracas’ park in the San Agustín del Norte zone opened. The park, adornedwith plenty of lights, allowing the park to be used at night. The added lighting enabled games to be added on Tuesday nights.

Years later, the tournament was changed to suit two rounds. The top team of each round had to play a best-of-5 play-off to determine the champion.

All Star Game

The Venezuelan Professional Baseball League league has scheduled All Star Games including Venezuelan team, Criollos vs Importados, Western Division vs Eastern Division, and a Venezuela’s League Stars versus Dominican Republic’s League Stars.